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“Baby Shower Joy”

The baby shower for my first and only grandchild was understandably a very special and emotional event for me and my family, and obviously, we wanted perfection. Seven years earlier, Amani Affairs’ expertise and creativity had been an integral part of the successful planning and execution of my first daughter’s beach wedding, possibly the largest international destination wedding with a guest list of over one hundred. People travelled from all over the U.S.A and the world, and everyone in attendance, regardless of age, had an unforgettable experience.

I, therefore, unhesitatingly asked Amani Affairs to help us to create another memorable occasion for the baby shower. As with the wedding, all parties involved were in different states, so coordination was a gain of great importance. Jihan’s strong organizational skills helped to keep us all invested in the process.  After my daughter selected her color scheme, ideas for all the finer details (invitations, favors, menu, games, etc.) were shared and communicated electronically so that we could all be in the loop and have input. She introduced me, a true tech novice, to Pinterest and Google Chat. The latter was Jihan’s creative way of involving family and friends from other states who were unable to be in Atlanta on the day of the event.

Being dessert crazy, one of my best memories of the shower was the beautiful dessert table. Another unforgettable experience was that I was travelling from St. Louis the day before the event. Due to severe weather, I was the last person to get on the last diverted flight from St. Louis before all flights were cancelled. This is important because I was carrying items for the shower. I got to the venue with about 15 minutes to spare. Jihan was in constant contact with me from my overnight stay in the Chicago airport since the connecting flight was cancelled, to my arrival in the parking lot of the venue. Her blow by blow involvement allowed her to make in-time adjustments that allowed us to start and end the shower on time without going over our contracted time for rental of the venue. Because of her flexibility and ability to stay a step ahead of the game, she also made changes in the day’s program to allow us to incorporate the items I had brought while maintaining a seamless flow to our event.

I was super happy with the outcome of this hallmark event in our lives and so without any reservation, I recommend Jihan and Amani Affairs to help you create your own unforgettable family moments.

-Maxine A., Grandmother, Missouri

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Copyright 2019 © All rights Reserved. Amani Affairs received The Smith Treatment

Copyright 2019 © All rights Reserved. Amani Affairs received The Smith Treatment