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“Cayman Island Dream Come True”

Unlike many women, I hadn’t thought much about my wedding before I got engaged. But once my fiancé proposed, I knew I wanted it to be a truly special celebration. Jihan helped me create my vision, and then gave 110% to make it come true.

Amani Affairs made our destination beach wedding in the Cayman Islands a dream weekend. The team was fantastic. Jihan, in particular, was our superhero-tracking bridal party flights, coordinating welcome gifts for wedding guests staying at 5 different hotels, ensuring guests got special attention, planning a welcome beach party, and finally, creating a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception.

A few days before the wedding day, we got a surprise that we thought might ruin our wedding. Our wedding venue learned that a major jazz festival (that year, featuring Robin Thicke and Anita Baker) was being relocated to a beach property next door on our wedding day. Concert rehearsals were scheduled for the entire day! Jihan kept a level head and helped us resolve the situation. We negotiated with the Jazz Festival coordinators and set an earlier time for the wedding. Jihan then went above and beyond to ensure wedding guests knew about the new wedding time, and to ensure all our vendors would accommodate the new wedding time (hotel shuttle vans, florist, limo, DJ, videographer, photographer and baker). Jihan had to work incredibly quickly, be resourceful, and be thoroughly attentive, in order to adapt all of our vendor arrangements with only 48 hours notice.

I should have known from working with Jihan during the months prior to the wedding that she would handle a curve ball well. She’d always been well prepared for any and everything. She is phenomenally organized with extreme attention to detail. Jihan also cares about finishing touches. Leading up to the wedding, her team worked long hours so that everything would be perfect.

Thanks to Amani Affairs, I had a wedding weekend that our family felt was special, personalized and memorable. Jihan informed us about all the latest wedding trends and customs. She is very creative, and shares great ideas. However, she is very respectful of the bride and groom’s vision, tastes and wishes. She was never pushy about ideas, like some wedding planners we interviewed. She strikes the perfect balance of supportive advice and customer service. In addition, Jihan is just fun to be around! We loved Jihan’s professional and caring approach so much that my mom asked her to help plan my baby shower years later. That was an amazing celebration too. I highly recommend Amani Affairs…they are the best!

-Anya C., Bride, Georgia

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Copyright 2019 © All rights Reserved. Amani Affairs received The Smith Treatment

Copyright 2019 © All rights Reserved. Amani Affairs received The Smith Treatment